Write an article suitable for publication on the topic of disease

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Write an article suitable for publication on the topic of disease

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Abstract Case reports are a time-honored, important, integral, and accepted part of the medical literature. Between the two of them, thousands of peer-reviewed case reports have now been published with a worldwide audience. Authors now also have Cases Database, a continually updated, freely accessible database of thousands of medical case reports from multiple publishers.

Useful hyperlinks are embedded throughout for easy and quick reference to style guidelines for both journals. From Hippocrates B.

Published case reports provide essential information for optimal patient care because they can describe important scientific observations that are missed or undetected in clinical trials, and provide individual clinical insights thus expanding our knowledge base [ 3 ]. The publication of case reports has indeed become a standard lexicon of the medical literature.

Few practicing physicians would not know for instance the significance and subsequent discovery of a disease whose first description in began with the title in the medical case report literature as: The act of recording, discussion with colleagues, and publishing our clinical observations with patients remains essential to the art of medicine and patient care.

Place it on permanent record as a short, concise note. Such communications are always of value. But how and when should we do this?


Early case reports were little more than personal communications between colleagues about unique and interesting patients seen in their respective medical practices.

This anecdotal reporting has evolved into an accepted form of scholarly publication with the ability to rapidly disseminate knowledge to a broad medical audience [ 7 ] using the generally accepted format of a title, abstract, introduction backgroundcase presentation, discussion, conclusions, and references.

Many biomedical journals publish case reports and provide authors with guidelines that provide instruction for acceptance criteria, content, and format and give advice on relevant patient case reports that merit publication [ 3 ]. There are already many well-written published articles on how and when to write a good case report please see Recommended further reading section at the end.

The utility of the newly created Cases Database will also be discussed. Relevant and useful website links will be used throughout to allow the reader easy access to further information on BMC requirements.

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I also hope to impart to the reader a brief overview of case report editorial flow in both JMCR and BMCRN along with the complementary relationship between both journals. I will also give anecdotes of how I personally approach things.

write an article suitable for publication on the topic of disease

Definitions What exactly is a case report? From peer-reviewed journals to Wikipedia and yes, I read Wikipedia like we all do definitions are readily available and generally agreed upon. Case reports may contain a demographic profile of the patient, but usually describe an unusual or novel occurrence.

Some case reports also contain a literature review of other reported cases. Patients and their stories including from their friends, coworkers, and family are our portal to writing the case report. Patients both in-patients and out-patients are assessed, we confer with colleagues, appropriate investigations then follow, and treatment if possible begins.

write an article suitable for publication on the topic of disease

If I encounter an in-patient on call then I follow him or her throughout his or her hospitalization and, I hope, timely discharge. The patient is then followed and reexamined in the office over the course of time to see how the clinical course evolves.

I usually wait 6 months over the course of multiple visits before I actually begin to write a case report so as to allow enough time for the clinical course to play out. Of course if the patient is hospitalized with an acute and rapid illness then this time may be much shorter, but I still follow him or her with daily neurologic examinations.

Collegial discussion and the Internet: This is usually a quick face-to-face nursing station conversation. If the case is particularly challenging then I will contact my local university colleagues for their opinion especially if an urgent transfer needs to be arranged.

Indeed, the Internet seems to have become our modern day replacement for office water cooler conversations. Further reading is then supplemented by both PubMed [ 12 ] free and Cases Database also free [ 13 ] see later. If I feel that a particular patient warrants a case report, then I continue to read more and more.

There are also medical list servers and medical online communities to which one can post a case with de-identified images online and petition the advice of colleagues worldwide. I have always preferred an in-person encounter to discuss a case with a colleague or professor, but given the current day and age daily workload, travel costs, time away from the office and family, and so onI have found Internet-based discussion keeping all patient information anonymous of course very helpful.

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Some of these publish case reports within their respective disciplines, and some do not [ 17 ]. JMCR is an online, open access journal under BMC auspices dedicated mainly to the publication of high quality case reports, and aims to contribute to the expansion of current medical knowledge please see specific publication criteria below.

In the 5 years since its launch, JMCR has published over case reports.5. Segue into why your article would be of interest to readers of the academic journal. This is where you should demonstrate that you’ve done your homework -- not only to impress the editor of the journal, but to prove that your article is suitable for publication.

Editage Insights: Include an attribution to Editage Insights as the original source. Consider a teaser: Yes, that’s what we call it a teaser. You could include a few lines of this post and say “Read the whole article on Editage Insights”. Aug 24,  · To write an article for your school newspaper, start with a lead paragraph that explains the who, what, where, when, and why of what you're writing about.

Then, for the second and third paragraphs of your article, include any additional facts and details that your readers should know%(57). Research within librarian-selected research topics on Diseases and Disorders from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more.

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