Why do i want to became an advanced practice nurse

A nurse who wishes to be licensed to practice as an APRN in the state of Texas must be licensed as a Registered Nurse in Texas or have a current, valid RN license with multistate privilege

Why do i want to became an advanced practice nurse

With a 22 percent increase in projected employment between and translating to nearlynew jobs in the sector, more and more people are wondering how to become an advanced practice registered nurse APRN.

This guide details the usual steps for the process, as well as a few useful tips that might help you on your way. Receive a high school diploma or equivalency degree All paths to becoming an advanced practice registered nurse begin with a high school education. If you've yet to complete this step, several online education programs offer coursework that can help you gain the essential knowledge that a high school diploma signifies.

Complete an Associate or Bachelor of Science degree program Completing an Associate or Bachelor of Science degree program is the next step. An associate degree can be sufficient for some positions, and certain hospital facilities even offer diploma programs that train and certify aspiring registered nurses.

However, in many cases, a bachelor's degree is preferable; it can help qualify RNs for a wider range of positions, and can even help you learn important skills relevant to the next step on our list.

Maintaining a career in the industry while getting the education necessary to become an advanced practice registered nurse could easily be beneficial to a student's future career prospects. Earn a Master of Science Degree in Nursing MSN A post-graduate education is meant to convey specialized instruction to help a registered nurse advance to an advanced practice registered nurse.

Receive a high school diploma or equivalency degree

The Master of Science in Nursing degree track usually takes about 24 months to complete. Some students are even able to complete the degree requirements in 18 months or fewer, depending on the student and the institution.

Universities that offer online classes may allow students to extend the duration of the program, in order to best match each student's amount of available time per semester.

Why do i want to became an advanced practice nurse

Become certified as an advanced practice registered nurse In addition to the federally required registered nurse certification, APRNs must uphold specific licensing requirements for their chosen specialty. Further federal certification is often needed, and state licensing boards may ask advanced practice registered nurses to pass state-sanctioned examinations.

As the field of advanced practice nursing continues to grow, dedicated APRNs nationwide are performing the delicate and essential responsibilities of their profession with skill and patience, certain that the work they are doing is contributing to a better overall quality of life for their communities.With an MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner Specialization, our graduates assume critical roles as primary care providers.

Program outcomes: Provide evidence-based, patient-centered care, which synthesizes the holistic nature of advanced practice nursing and diagnostic reasoning, to enhance patient, healthcare, and organizational outcomes .

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A nurse practitioner is known as an “advanced practice registered nurse” (APRN) which means that he or she holds an RN license, but can work beyond the scope of a regular RN. That’s because an NP typically holds a master of science in nursing (MSN) degree and has completed coursework and training that qualifies them to do the advanced.

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A: You have two options for renewal. Option One is to recertify by meeting minimum clinical practice hours and continuing education (CE) requirements in the certification role and population at the advanced level within the current 5-year period of certification.. Option Two is to .

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