Thesis add_theme_support

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Thesis add_theme_support

One of its features is that you can specify different or alternate style sheets for a page. If your visitor prefers a particular design, or theme, that person can simply switch to that theme using their browser.

This article describes how you can implement theme support, by giving your users the ability to switch between different styles on your website.

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Note that there are two parts to the tutorial. It is complete in itself, and with it, you can already implement CSS switching support or theme support on your site for most modern browsers. The next chapter provides a dynamic way for the user to permanently set the theme for your site using JavaScript.

It also adds support for browsers that do not have built-in support for switching styles. You will need to have some knowledge of CSS to understand this article. You don't have to be a guru or anything like that, but a little knowledge is needed otherwise you may be completely lost. To Support Varying Tastes Different designs appeal to different people.

For example, some people like a colourful layout.


Others prefer a plain "clean" design. By providing alternate style sheets, you can cater to all users.

To Provide for Special Needs If your site has users with special needs, for example, older people who may need larger font sizes, alternate style sheets provide a way where you can have a large-font theme alongside a normal-sized default without having to create two versions of the same page.

I'm not claiming that you must have alternate styles for your site because of these reasons. For most sites, an alternate CSS is an overkill. However, if you have established a community where users with very different demographics repeatedly return to your site, having alternative styles that appeal to different people may make your site more user-friendly.

Thesis add_theme_support

Alternate CSS How-To On most sites, web designers typically include a style sheet for their site using a link command like the following: For example, if you want to provide two themes for your site, one called "blue" and the other "pink", you can specify them as follows, instead of the above example.

This is the preferred style sheet, and it is indicated by specifying a "rel" attribute of "stylesheet". The "pink" stylesheet is an alternate style that the user can choose.

As you can see, it has a "rel" attribute of "alternate stylesheet". Another way of specifying that a particular style sheet is to be the default is to create a meta tag like the following: I suggest that you be consistent and stick to either one or the other method on all your pages.Enable WordPress Features for the Thesis Theme If you haven’t heard, Wordpress dropped the other day with a bunch of new features.

Although there’s no news on a Thesis update, Thesis seems to work fine with WordPress but unfortunately doesn’t cash in on any of the new features. Wordpress + Thesis Theme => WPTouch Post Thumbnails don't work?

up vote 0 down vote favorite Has anyone managed to get this combination to work and display post thumbnails on the mobile site? This method is set to work only with the standard WordPress themes and not with Genesis or Thesis based themes.

in your theme folder and add the following code below ‘add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails using a plugin now but it doesn’t display thumbnails.

Thesis add_theme_support

When I searched “related posts with thumbnails without plugins” in. People don't like change.

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If you think you have a good idea, and you want to incorporate it into a product, you'll often find push back. Especially in the case that it has widespread affects. Relies on add_theme_support. If your theme is not in the above list, add the folliwing to your themes file: add_theme_support('infinite-transporter'); See installation and FAQ sections for more on getting set up.

To add support for Gutenberg color palettes, a WordPress theme needs to add a call to add_theme_support, referencing the editor-color-palette feature. If you need a refresher, I wrote a primer on how to add support for Gutenberg color palettes to WordPress themes.

add_theme_support('wc-product-gallery-lightbox'); add_theme_support('wc-product-gallery-slider');} The name_of_theme must be replaced by the name of the active theme. If you only need the Lightbox-function and not the zoom and the slider, just add_theme_support (' wc-product-gallery-lightbox');. Start out by defining the add_theme_support for starter content within the after_setup_theme hook. In Sage based themes, you can use the existing after_setup_theme hook in I’m going to opt for creating a new file to separate things and for better organization. The WordPress “aside” is one of the supported Post Formats, and Post Formats are a Theme Feature that can be enabled in your file, with the add_theme_support function. For a complete treatment of the Post Formats topic (including a little more detail about the “aside” format), visit the Codex.
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