Related literature on population growth

The Cost of Child Marriage Development experts have always measured the human costs of early marriage, but new data are shedding light on the practice's economic impact. However, in most developing countries, change is not occurring fast enough and funding for this cause is inadequate.

Related literature on population growth

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Literature Review Abstract Population increase is a factor that is closely monitored from all angles and with population increase come positive and negative consequences. It is also important to note the reasons population is increasing such as where people originally resided and why they chose to move to the city of El Paso.

Lastly, the effect growth in population has on government services and utilities as the users of these services grow proportionately larger must also be taken into account. In recent years the city of El Paso has been growing, and with population growth there is greater population density.

The factors that contribute to why and from where many of these people come here from will be analyzed. Services provided by the El Paso city government, Electric Company, and Water Company also become affected as the number of people using their services grow.

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In this review I will be answering the following questions: How will water distribution in a desert Related literature on population growth be impacted by population growth?

Many factors contribute to the increased population in El Paso such as military personnel living in El Paso or Fort Bliss, the amount of illegal immigrants who cross over from Mexico, and people moving over from other areas of the country due to job requirements or other personal reasons.

Related literature on population growth

The largest most rapidly increasing amounts of people come from military personnel stationed in Fort Bliss. Although military bases are subject to fluctuation due to the moving of troops throughout the country, it is estimated that the amount of personnel living in Fort Bliss actually increased by 40, since and more personnel are expected to be stationed in Fort Bliss in the future.

It has also been estimated that 1.

Reasons for illegal immigrants taking residence in El Paso can normally be attributed to the conditions of their home country of Mexico. The warring drug cartels have contributed to 2, murders in a span of 18 months taking place before In addition, laborers cannot find jobs that pay enough to support them and their families.

In an interview with an illegal immigrant who wished to remain anonymous, I asked why he chose to live in El Paso County. These are also prime motives for those who can afford to legally move to El Paso from Ciudad Juarez to move, further increasing population.

The increased cost of living in many areas such as California as well as the economic downturn has caused the relocation of many people.

The low crime rate, low cost of living, and other factors such as calm weather have attracted people looking for a cheaper place to live. When a city is expecting growth it is always important to note the development of basic infrastructure and public utilities such as gas, water, waste disposal, and electricity.

Without these basic necessities growth cannot take place. In addition, El Paso Water Utilities owns and operates two water treatment plants which treat poor quality water from the Rio Grande.Related Literature About Population Growth Essays and Term Papers Search Results for 'related literature about population growth' Would India’s Population Growth Problems Benefit From Adopting a Birth Planning Policy Such As China’s One Child Policy?

a. This entry gives an estimate from the US Bureau of the Census based on statistics from population censuses, vital statistics registration systems, or sample surveys pertaining to the recent past and on assumptions about future trends. Related Literature On Population Growth. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT GEPOPULATION STUDIES DR.


Texas demographers documented related trends with respect to population growth in Texas. Two assertions emphasized within these trends was the population growth of non-Anglos, most notably, the growth of Hispanics, coupled with an aging, predominantly Anglo, baby boom. This literature review examines the factors contributing to population increase as well as the city governments’ and local business’ preparedness for the projected growth. In recent years the city of El Paso has been growing, and with population growth there is greater population density. related literature on population growth. science department of geography individual assignment gepopulation studies dr. j kivelia name: desderius ditrick mwizilya reg #; bagen qn.

Provide critical argument for and againstthe conention that population growth is the hindrance for socio -economic growth particularly in developing countries. Positive: It is an interesting study putting the real problem of demographics into its wider context.

The author makes his argument clearly understandable without . United Nations Population Division, Replacement Migration 11 II. LITERATURE REVIEW Population ageing is an inevitable outcome of the demographic transition.

Impact of Population Growth on Public Utilities: Literature Review

Primarily, as a result of declines in fertility and, secondarily, mortality declines, the age structure of a population becomes older, with a growing number and proportion of elderly persons. A health care worker in Bangladesh gives a young pregnant woman a birthing kit for a safer delivery.

Related literature on population growth

It contains a sterile razor to cut the cord, a sterile plastic sheet to place under the birth area, and other simple, sanitary items - all which help save lives.

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