Pros of animal experimentation essays

Monkeys, rabbits, cats, ferrets, pigs, sheep and chimpanzees are just some of the animals used for biomedical experiments, science education, and product and cosmetics testing. Some animals, however, are more preferred by laboratories. Many proponents of animal experimentation claim that the process is for a good cause. Better to use animals than humans for testing, right?

Pros of animal experimentation essays

Pros and Cons By: Pros and Cons Animal Testing Introduction The application of animals to test a large number of products from household compounds and cosmetics to Pharmaceutical products has been considered to be a normal strategy for many years.

Laboratory animals are generally used in Pros of animal experimentation essays primary fields: Animal Experiments It has been estimated that approximately, 20 million animals are being used for testing and are killed annually; about 15 million of them are used to test for medication and five million for other products.

Reports have been generated to indicate that about 10 percent of these animals are not being administered with painkillers. The supporters of animal rights are pressurizing government agencies to inflict severe regulations on animal research.

However, such emerging criticisms of painful experimentation on animals are coupled with an increasing concern over the cost it would have on the limitation of scientific progress. Of Cures and Creatures Great and Small Around the world, animals are utilized to test products ranging from shampoo to new cancer drugs.

Each and every medication used by humans is first tested on the animals. Animals were also applied to develop anesthetics to ease human ailments and suffering during surgery. Animal Experiments Currently, questions have been raised about the ethics surround animal testing.

As a result several regulations have been put in place to evaluate and control the animals being used for testing purposes. These regulations hope to ensure that such research is carried out in a humanely and ethical manner. A Patient's Perspective Acceptance of such experimentations is subject to a lot of argumentation.

As the statistics indicate animal testing is dangerous and harmful, but medical research must continue. We need to find other testing techniques that are advanced in order to eliminate this harmful process, till then all we can do is continue with our research.

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Arguments for testing The supporters of animal testing argue that if animal testing is eliminated, that many of the medications and procedures that we currently use today would exist and the development of future treatments would be extremely limited. They argue that humans have been assisted from the healthcare developments that have been based on the benefits of animal research and testing for many years now.

Supporters for animal testing argue that research is justified because it assists in discovering ways to help people and other animals for the future. Surgery on animals has assisted in developing organ transplant and open-heart surgery techniques. Animal testing has also assisted in developing vaccines against diseases like rabies, polio, measles, mumps, rubella and TB.

Development of antibiotics, HIV drugs, insulin and cancer treatments depend upon animal tests. They argue that other testing techniques are not advanced enough. Animal Experiments The most radical progress in reproductive medicine such as oral contraceptives, in vitro fertilization, hormone replacement therapy, etc.

Alternatives to Animal testing on the Web: FAQs Medical procedures like measuring blood pressure, pacemakers and heart and lung machines were used on animals prior to being tried on humans. Surgery techniques, like those to mend and eliminate bone diseases were devised out of experimentation on the animals.

Animal testing not only benefits humans but also helps other animals, for example the heartworm medication that was devised from research on animals has assisted many dogs.

The cat nutrition has been better comprehended through animal research and has assisted cats to live longer and healthier lives.

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Why Animals Are Used in Research? Animal models for AIDS are very important factors that are required to understand the biology of immuno-deficiency viruses in the vivo. This allows us to raise necessary awareness about the processes of pathogenesis and its prevention by vaccination and chemotherapy.

FAQs Those who support animal testing argue that the society has an obligation to take actions in ways that will minimize injury and maximize benefits. Banning or restraining the experimentation on animals would not allow society to achieve such results.

It is assumed that a scientist's goal is to devise methods to minimize pain to every extent possible but for now we have to sacrifice on animals to achieve this result. Activists against this practice portray scientists to be a society of crazy, cruel, curiosity seekers.

Pros of animal experimentation essays

However, when one feeds painkillers to animals, one should ask where they came from and what their purpose is. Pros and Cons and other term papers or research documents.The Pros and Cons of Animal Testing Essays - The argument as to whether or not animal testing should be done has been going on for decades.

Medical laboratories and shelters are common places where most animals are tested. ´╗┐ETHICS OF ANIMAL TESTING AND EXPERIMENTATION ABSTRACT Animal experimentation arouses nice feeling in many folks, maybe a lot of particularly in Great Britain, and this has enlarged as a lot of subtle medical and non-medical animal experiments are demanded by trendy analysis.

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Pros of animal testing. Application of animal experimentation has been used in a number products including; housed hold products and cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

When conducting laboratory research, animals have been use in; product safety evaluation, biomedical research and in education. Over 25 million animals are used for experimentation in the U.S.

every year. Monkeys, rabbits, cats, ferrets, pigs, sheep and chimpanzees are just some of the animals used for biomedical experiments, science education, and product and cosmetics testing.

Animal experimentation is a procedure whereby non-animals are tested and used to develop treatments, check the safety of products for human use, and other commercial and biomedical uses (Woods 24). It is estimated that, over 26 million animals are used every year in the United States for animal experiments.

Essay on Pros and Cons of Animal Testing Words 9 Pages Pro Animal Testing Animal testing has become a wide contribution in medical field in order to find new treatment, developing new medicines and improving the existing ones as well as testing the safety and effectiveness of new medicines.

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