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November marks the twenty-ninth anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the most widely ratified international human rights treaty in history.

Parkour photo essay

Nurul, 15, is rescued in West Parkour photo essay, Central Sulawesi, after being trapped in the rubble of her home and being submerged in water for almost 48 hours following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the Parkour photo essay of Sulawesi on 28 September.

Children in affected sites need urgent help to recover, and the extremely precarious situation facing tens of thousands of children in the days ahead remains a UNICEF concern.

But Hussein, who arrived with his family a year ago, has had to give up on his studies. More thanRohingya refugee children in Bangladesh are being denied the chance of a proper education.

Parkour photo essay

Inmore than 1. Eliasa, 15, and his family reunite at the Nuestras Raices Our Roots government reception shelter in Quetzaltenango following his deportation from Mexico. Many migrant children from Central America and Mexico caught and sent home often find themselves back in the same harsh conditions that forced them to set out to find a better life in the first place - or worse: The now-healthy toddler was treated for acute malnutrition in Although millions of children still die every year from a lack of access to water, sanitation, proper nutrition or basic health services, the number of children dying under age 5 worldwide fell dramatically from Children in Equateur Province learn from social mobilizers how to avoid contracting the Ebola virus.

UNICEF is providing information and raising community awareness in support of a free government immunization campaign against the deadly disease following a new outbreak in the country.

Raising community awareness is instrumental in preventing spread of the virus and ensuring participation in vaccination efforts.

Global hunger is on the rise again: With one third of the Afghan population food insecure, the dry spell is further exacerbating already fragile living conditions for children and families. Around million students 13 to 15 years old worldwide have experienced peer-to-peer violence.

ENDviolence in and around schools once and for all. Sugarmaa weighed just 3. Thanks to midwife care and the services from a local health centre, she is thriving.

Ending preventable newborn deaths through clean, functional health facilities within the reach of every mother and baby. One-month-old Judy received much-needed vaccinations and a check-up after arriving with her mother, Samira, and grandfather at a shelter in Adra for families fleeing Eastern Ghouta.

Although a record million children were immunized globally inover 19 million children missed out on vaccinations.

Almost 8 million 40 per cent of them live in fragile or humanitarian settings, including countries affected by conflict. Fathers are one of the best child development resources, and their role needs to be fully recognized and utilized.

UNICEF is calling for more support for fathers globally, including giving parents the time and resources they need to spend quality time with their children. Omar is a Syrian refugee. In countries affected by conflict, millions of children and young people need psychosocial support.

Two girls share a book in an accelerated learning centre in Sharak e Muhajireen Village in Daikundi Province. The rate of out-of-school children has risen in the country due to ongoing conflict and worsening security— combined with deeply engrained poverty and discrimination against girls.

UNICEF supports accelerated learning centres for children up to age 17 who have missed out on a primary education.

He and his brother, who are unaccompanied, have been in limbo for 10 months — their hope of a better life stalled due to closed borders. Concerted, united and timely action is vital to save the lives of refugee and migrant children before they reach Europe and to address the uncertainty and insecurity they endure on arrival.

With more thanRohingya children under age 5 sheltering in refugee camps, and 60 babies on average being born each day, nutrition centres provide a vital lifeline to screen and treat children for malnourishment and to help mothers ensure that their babies get the best possible start in life.

A girl injured as she and her family tried to flee the fighting lies in a hospital in the port city of Hodeidah. Children are the primary victims of the conflict, and its consequences threaten millions more.

Parkour photo essay

Hodeidah is the single most important lifeline for the food and basic supplies entering war-torn Yemen. Worldwide, about 30 million children displaced by conflict need immediate protection and sustainable solutions over the long term.Welcome to /r/Goatparkour.

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By Yasser Alaa Photographer Youth Journalism International ALEXANDRIA, Egypt – Parkour is more than a sport. It’s the art of movement. Moustafa Elasal Ashraf Abd-El Gabar, a year-old engineering student, said that before he began parkour training two years ago, “I was weak, thin and lazy.” Photo essay: Turkish holiday.


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