Notes for sor1

The soundtrack, characters, level design, controls, it all just felt like perfection.

Notes for sor1

Streets of Rage 3 is why! Where shall we start? Well, on first loading SOR3 everything looks as it should. The title screen is a little bare but the options screen has been ported from SOR2, as too the character select.

Good to see Blaze back, not so good to see Skate. All good so far? The first thing I noticed about SOR3 is how much blockier the sprites look and that includes our protagonists as well as their foe. By trying to add more detail, Sega have made everything look worse!

The backdrops have suffered just as much and are unnecessarily cluttered. Blocky sprites on blocky stages does not a work of art make.

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The score from SOR2 was from a different planet. The new tracks actually hurt the ear drums, especially the tune from the god awful but thankfully short disco stage and one of the later stages where I swear Yuzo Koshiro has just mashed the keyboard or lined up completely random notes, results in a horrible blurry mess.

The mighty sometime fall. Okay, so it looks worse and sounds worse. Surely the excellent SOR2 gameplay remains? Barely… Everything is noticeably quicker, the inevitable consequence being that everything feels a lot less satisfying.

Throwing blows is rapid and unrealistic. Combined with the god awful sound effects, punching Garcia can feel like fighting a plastic bag, whimsically floating in the wind. You can now get to the other side of the screen quicker but, when trying to execute the special move where you double tap forward you will find yourself running into blows rather than expertly executing aforementioned Grand Upper.

If Sega had brought out a carbon copy of SOR2 they would have been lambasted. I suppose SOR3 had to try to be different due to how one dimensional beat em ups are. There are too many annoying levels in SOR3 born from this want. One of the early level involves oil drums falling out from nowhere that you can punch at the enemy now that takes some strength.

Either way, Springsteen would not have been impressed. To appease our antipodean cousins?

Notes for sor1

And characters use weapons in different ways which is also pointless and annoying when your character throws a weapon away immediately that you were really looking forward to using.

Zan is fun, well more fun to play as than the other characters. His blows feel far more satisfying, did Sega spend too much time on him? It seems it was to the detriment of our faves, Axel and Blaze in particular.

Notes for sor1

Some of the boss stages are interesting including spoiler alert! And the game is still quite fun with a mate. Sega have clearly taken this to heart because SOR3 is rock solid, even on Easy! The learning curve is completely off.

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