Lego friends essay

By Lego Grad Student Legos were my favorite toy as a kid.

Lego friends essay

A Reprise Essay by Susana Polo 2: Lego asked girls what they wanted, and this was it. The folks out there who collect the bricks to make them are dedicated people who craft work that delights me, a intense internet user, on an at-least-weekly basis. And for the record, this plane is pretty awesome.

And now, the deconstruction. This they assured even us, on Twitter, in response to our initial post. At least, until they inexplicably trailed off mid-multi-tweet-sentence. Executives are going to great lengths to explain that the line is based on research, using anthropologists who spent time with girls in their homes.

This is what girls want. Beyond that problem, in this case, is that young girls have already been told what they want by mass media. Peggy Orenstein, author of books on the effect of mass media on girls, talks about this in Cinderella Ate My Daughter. From The Daily Beast: The more mainstream media girls consume, the more they worry about being pretty and sexy.

But her advice to others is to pride yourself on saying no. They have deliberately designed products that they expect will appeal to boys and included boys almost exclusively in their marketing material.

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Today Legos are shelved in the boy aisle is most toy stores. Frankly, the concept that if a practice is turning a profit it must be morally unassailable is badly flawed.

Boys, you can build a town, go to space, make robots, time travel, battle armies, and explore unknown areas of the Earth. It is the rigid compartmentalization of interests that any child should be able to freely explore into separate categories, and that is bad for children of both sexes.

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Lego friends essay

Architects drew their roots from this, while construction workers found a way to build upon their childhood dreams. Both of these careers can be dreamed of by children around the world when they pick up any amount of Lego blocks and let their imagination run wild.

In December the Lego Group (TLG) announced the launch of Lego Friends, the company's sixth attempt to market a product to girls. Lego Friends, which was supported by a $40 million global marketing campaign, was designed to introduce the fun of building with Lego bricks to girls, who represented less than 10 percent of Lego's audience.

When I started making these Lego scenes, I only put them up on my personal Facebook account for friends. After a few were posted, some friends suggested .

Girls see these advertisements and can recognize through the rhetoric that the normal Lego commercials are directed at boys, and the Lego Friends commercials are directed at them.

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Lego Friends is tacitly separate from the rest of the considerably diverse Lego universe (town and city, space,robots, pirates, trains, Vikings, castle, dinosaurs, undersea exploration, and wild. US - Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow