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Junga series of books published by Princeton University Press in the U. It has become known as one of the best introductions to Jung's work.

Jolonde essay

Its meaning is now more than ever brought into question. It is seen either as something that determines our social environment, or, in the opinion of the Frankfurt School, as something that is determined by society. Over the course of history, the understanding of culture has been under constant change and theoreticians came to make distinctions between different levels of culture.

We saw the emergence of the concepts of High and Low culture. How can one define these ideas? Is it still possible today to make a clear distinction between the definitions of High and Low culture?

We will however focus on certain aspects of the subject matter. Firstly we will explore the traditional definitions of High and Low culture, their Jolonde essay with the audience and how they can be differentiated.

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Secondly, we will analyse the effect of technological reproduction, the potential links between High and Low culture and the grey areas in between. The differentiation between levels of culture is generally seen as an elitist perception of culture. High culture is considered to encompass a set of products, especially in the arts, of a higher status, held in the highest esteem.

Products of High culture Jolonde essay mostly viewed as belonging to the long-established forms of art, such as painting and sculpting. Examples of these products include paintings by Michelangelo and symphonies by Mozart.

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On the other hand, there is what is commonly referred to as Low culture or in a less derogatory term, Popular culture. It is considered the lowest form of art, often completely lacking in creativity.

The most obvious examples of Popular culture include Pop music and reality television shows. We can see that the main difference between High and Low culture is their content and the original purpose and meaning behind their respective products.

According to Benjamin, creations of high culture are intended for immersion, they call for the viewer to enter the work with a critical and reflective perspective. The idea of conscious or even spiritual development can be most directly represented with products of religious or sacred art.

Indeed, symbols have played a major role in human belief systems throughout history.

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The Cross for example is best known in the Western world as a Christian symbol, but it has been widely used in the rest of the world for different reasons: A major example is the connection Jung makes between the Buddhist diagram called mandala and the shapes spontaneously drawn by people in psychotherapy.

These shapes combinations of triangles, circles and squares are thought to be attempts by the conscious mind to access higher material of the unconscious.

We can therefore view these creations as definite forms of High culture; they are representations of the epitome of human creativity. According to Theodor Adorno, Low culture does the exact opposite: This is a product of capitalism, where all that matters is profit, to the detriment of quality and substance.

Jolonde essay

Mass corporations create culture, mass media is used to make the public conform and buy into capitalism and specific ideologies. As Adorno puts it: In modern days we experience the never-ending growth of mass media, and comfort and ease become the main points of focus: Low culture is more widely and more regularly available, with for example the soaring popularity of television reality shows.

We are constantly bombarded with new ideas and trends that the masses adhere to: However, the concepts of High and Low culture cannot solely be considered in such a black and white manner.

There are indeed some exceptions and grey areas. With the modern age of technological reproduction, we have reached new levels of art and culture. Works of art have always been reproducible, various methods have been used throughout history, from casting and embossing to etching and lithography.

Photography holds the power to show the public works of High art that they might not have access to otherwise. It therefore widens the availability of such creations. This is especially true today with the use of highly advanced equipment and software, people can analyse works in great detail and become more familiar with products of so-called High art.

This leads us to another aspect of photography as an art form in itself. With the use of both film photography and digital imaging, there is the possibility of unlimited reproduction, making every copy the same.

Today one can buy a recording of an orchestra performing a Mozart symphony and listen to it at home, or even download the piece from the Internet and listen to it on the bus. Technological reproduction therefore brings into question the definition of High culture, making it less of an elitist exclusivity.

In modern days we witness a merging of what is considered High and Low art forms.Insights Discovery: Personal Effectiveness Presented by Leigh Renkar for the RCA September Symposium For additional information regarding Insights for your organization please contact Steve Renkar at: [email protected] Capitol Insights Innslake Dr., Suite B .

Anima on the wheel – Female Archetypes of Toni Wolff. The Anima essay, written in , presents fewer personal views, and relies more on myth, legend, and fairy tale.

As her numerous references to mythologies show, Animus and Anima can affect a man and . Feb 06,  · A few weeks ago I experienced a synchronicity that led to the creation of this essay.

At the same time that I was in the process of reading Jolande Jacobi’s collection of Jung’s “psychological reflections” [5] I attended a meeting of a local group I belong to. In my essay “Art is the Process of Destruction” I emphasize that art, true art, rightly understood, is not pretty, because it involves the destruction of the sameness that we have become inured to over time, and most people resent it when some new artist destroys artistic illusions they have worked hard to acquire.

, Jolande Jacobi said. Sample Document Insights Learning & Development (Atlantic) Ltd 9 Tamarack Terrace, Fredericton, NB, E3B 2S3 and essay based questions.

Validating Insights Discovery Jung believed that the number four represented wholeness in the human psyche.

Sample Document Insights Learning & Development (Atlantic) Ltd by Jolande Jacobi Four colored Insights hats. My name is Jolande; I am very simple yet crazily complicated. I'm not much of a talker, so I write. Poetry is where I'm most vulnerable, most confident, most at peace.

My inspirations comes from my pain and other people's circumstances, I hope to not be a bore.

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