Discuss the extent to which psychology

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Discuss the extent to which psychology

With reference to relevant to research studies, to what extent does genetic inheritance influence behaviour.

Introduction State what you are doing in the essay This essay will attempt to consider the merits or otherwise of the influence of genetic inheritance on behaviour.

Outline the overarching principle According to the third principle of the biological level of analysis BLAbehaviour is innate and inherited because it is genetically based we are predisposed to a specific behaviour due to genetics.

Describe genetics and the importance of research into genetics It is argued that people have a genetic predisposition. Genes are segments of DNA inherited by the offspring from the parent. Genes are considered responsible for the development of behavioural characteristics.

Behavioural Genetics is the understanding of how genetics and environment contribute to individual variations in human behaviour, where the premise is that the inheritance of DNA influences behaviour.

It cannot be said that a single gene is responsible for a specific behaviour — but it is a building block. But genetics alone does not affect behaviour Environmental factors e.

Genes are complex It is unlikely that a single gene is responsible for such complex behaviours as schizophrenia or depression.

There is no causal relationship between a single gene and a specific behaviour. It is thought that what is inherited is the gene that can lead to the development of the specific behaviour, not the behaviour itself. This means that an individual may have a genetic predisposition to a behaviour but without appropriate environmental stimuli, the behaviour will not be manifested Don't forget to state that behaviour is bi-directional, explain.

Type of studies used in genetic research Twin studies Used in genetic research to study the correlation between genetic inheritance and behaviour due to the common genetics shared by twins.

It is usually further explored, by studying the twins either separated or together to make a correlation of their behaviour. Adoption studies Allow researchers to study the comparison between genetic and environmental influence on behaviour. Family studies Study behaviour between family members who have similar genetics to different degrees.

Inheritance Outline intelligence Intelligence is an aspect of behaviour that has been studied in relation to genetics.

It was questioned whether intelligence was attributed to genetic or environmental factors. Intelligence is difficult to define IQ tests have been developed by a French person called Binet to measure of intelligence and are used in much psychological research.

Body Examples of studies into genetics include Bouchard and McGue Method: Conducted a meta-analysis — statistical synthesis of data that yields a quantitative summary of pooled results Reviewed studies of intelligence correlations between siblings. The closer the kinship, the higher the correlation for IQ, which supports the influence of genetics on intelligence.

To determine how much of intelligence is attributed to genetics and environment.

Discuss the extent to which psychology

Researchers gave them approximately 50 hours of psychological and physiological testing. Bouchard used media coverage to recruit the sample No control over the frequency of contact between twins before the study Bouchard assumed that the twins reared together experienced the same environment — equal environment assumption Study 3: They had a similar 0.Discuss the Extent to Which Anthropology Is a Science Essay ‘DISCUSS THE EXTENT TO WHICH ANTHROPOLOGY IS A SCIENCE.’ The study of anthropology concerns itself with the understanding of various societies and cultures within our world.

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Discuss to What Extent Psychology Can Be Considered a Science. According to Merriam Webster (), science is a, “knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific method”, with scientific method in five steps being, “observation/research, hypothesis, prediction.

Intermediate Social Psychology. Richard Williams, Instructor. Fall, thereof) which characterizes the discipline (e.g. Stryker's and House's articles during the late 's). Discuss the nature of this debate and assess its relevance for the discipline.

to what extent and in what ways do these biases influence our perceptions of the.

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