Culture 10th grade small paper

From AD onwards, books were printed in China by rubbing paper against the inked surface of woodblocks. For a very long time, the imperial state of China was the major producer of printed material. The Chinese bureaucratic system recruited its personnel through civil services examinations. The imperial state sponsored the large scale printing of textbooks for this examination.

Culture 10th grade small paper

Cristina DC Pastor The Internet and the long-running recession may have killed the American newspaper, but ethnic newspapers remain very much in business.

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Today FI2W begins a series on how these newspapers are adapting to changes in the economy and the revolution in news gathering and distribution. The Haitian Times, a maverick on the ethnic media landscape in New York, actually began as a fee-based website for readers who wanted news about the Haitian diaspora community.

After a few months spent defining its readership and market, Pierre-Pierre published the first print edition in As the weekly paper is aimed at Haitian AmericansPierre-Pierre made the decision to publish it in English with one page devoted to French. Being editor-publisher, although a prestigious title for this seasoned journalist, is not enough.

So as an adjunct professor and newspaperman, Pierre-Pierre divides his time between the CUNY campus on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and the Haitian Times office in Flatbush, Brooklyn in a decrepit building it shares with a staffing agency, a dance school and a bargain clothing store.

The website gets an average ofhits a month. There are no staff reporters—news is reported by freelancers who are paid per story. The administrative staff is paid, but nowhere near a monthly salary. Columnists volunteer their time and professional insights.

The website and the print edition appear to co-exist as two separate entities, and Pierre-Pierre is proud that his weekly paper and the website complement—as opposed to copy—one another.

The ads are mostly for airlines and money transfer companies along with classifieds and legal notices. The immigration lawyers who had previously been a significant source of revenue are not advertising in big numbers anymore, Pierre-Pierre noted.

Their presence peaked when record-numbers of Haitians were applying for special Temporary Protected Status TPS visas that allowed them to stay in the U. The economic recession seems to have affected readership too: Pierre-Pierre attributes the decline to people spending less on media and partly because the paper stopped mailing subscriptions to cut postal costs.

But he estimates actual readership to be much higher—45,—due to people sharing copies among friends and family. And in spite of substantial financial obstacles, Pierre-Pierre has stubbornly continued to turn out the paper week after week.

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The recession may have meant less income for the paper, but Haitian Times managed to survive the recession without any layoffs. Haiti, with its cycles of natural disasters and political upheavals over the past few years has made for no shortage of news.

Skye Holly, whose family is from Haiti. Haitian Times is currently organizing three events in Brooklyn, where many Haitians live—an art exhibit, a business seminar, and a luncheon honoring women in the community—hoping to earn modest revenue for the paper.

Wrestling with a new journalism model for ethnic media has been a learning process for Pierre-Pierre. He believes that as long as the people who run the paper get some form of compensation, the paper, in both its online and print versions, will press on.

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There are no fats, so when the lean time comes, we just roll with it. Knight Foundation with additional support from the Mertz Gilmore Foundation. She is a graduate of The New School.Browse thousands of art pieces in categories from fine art to pop culture or create your own.

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Culture 10th grade small paper

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