Critical essay on anna karenina

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Critical essay on anna karenina

It has been picked apart and put back together by New Criticism to new historicism and from psychoanalysis to feminism. Each one of these schools of criticism used alone gives but a shadowed view of the complex interweaving that Tolstoy lovingly placed within the pages of one of his best works.

Perhaps because individually they do not fulfill the requirement for analyzing the work that Tolstoy himself set forth for understanding one of his literary works. Tolstoy was adamant about how his and other art should be viewed and interpreted.

Critical essay on anna karenina

In a letter to Strakhov Tolstoy wrote: People are needed for the criticism of art who can show the pointlessness of looking for ideas in a work of art and can steadfastly guide readers through that endless labyrinth of connections labirint sceplenij which is the essence of art, and towards those laws that serve as the basis of these connections 83, Mandelker qt.

Tolstoy himself pointed to what he felt was the best way to read and interpret his work; through a close reading that focuses on the interconnectedness of the novel.

With that admonition in mind, 11 Please note that I have attempted to use the most common forms of transliterations of Russian names. However, within quotes I have used the transliteration favored by the author being quoted. Reiman 2 I will attempt to place the purpose of one minor link in the novel, the character Seryozha, as twofold; first, Seryozha serves as a moral compass for the characters he interacts with and second, he is a metaphorical lifeline thrown to Anna by the author.

According to Rosamund Bartlett in her biography Tolstoy: A Russian Life, Tolstoy was orphaned in when he was seven years old His mother had died when he was less than two, and her early loss troubled and affected him his entire life. His own daughter Alexandra Tolstoy wrote in Tolstoy: A Life of My Father: What a tremendous significance Tolstoy gave to that word…He embodied in it all the tenderness, the concern, the affection he so yearned for as a child and never knew.

It is hard to believe that he did not remember his mother; for he carried in his heart a wonderful image of her which he not only honored and loved during all his life but which he also reproduced in his writings 7 Reiman 3 At times it appeared as if Tolstoy was frozen in time, orphaned and alone.

Certainly this can be seen in the portrayal of Seryozha, a boy of 11, caught between three adults in a dance of adultery, lies and deceit. The emphasis Tolstoy the author placed on motherhood is a reflection of the lack he suffered as a child.

In many ways, the novels of Tolstoy are a reflection of the life of Tolstoy. Anna Karenina is no exception to this. Many of the incidents in the novel are drawn directly from his life. The letter game Levin plays with Kitty L. Tolstoy, to propose to her is a reflection of a real incident between Tolstoy and his future wife Sonya A.

Literature Commentary: Anna Karenina | Literary Analysis

It is widely noted that Constantine Levin is an autobiographical representation of Leo Tolstoy himself. When the mandate from the author is considered, to examine the linkages woven throughout his work, we also find those links reach beyond the work and into the life of the author.

It is interesting to note that Anna Karenina is populated by adult orphans. Each of these orphans manifests relational complications related to the lack of stable family upbringing.

This avowal by Tolstoy is another key to understanding the labyrinth of linkages he has woven throughout his novel Anna Karenina, including the link that is Seryozha Karenin.

Tolstoy believed that a central element of art was the degree of involvement it elicits in the participants. Therefore we can surmise that Tolstoy is attempting within his writing to elicit a response from his readers with certain characters or situations that he has chosen to place in his Reiman 5 novel.

As stated earlier, Tolstoy had told his wife that he wanted to create in Anna a character that evoked pity without blame.

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This places two ideals in opposition to one another. If Tolstoy demands of his characters a moral decision and a choice, can he still hold his heroine as pitiable and blameless? These emotions and appeals are communicated to the reader and other characters in the novel in subtle ways.

The Woman Question and Leo Tolstoy Over the years since its publication, Anna Karenina and its author have been attacked by feminist scholars as being misogynist, yet this is not supported by historical evidence. Alexandra Tolstoy was deliberate in pointing out that her father intended Anna to be a character to be pitied, not scorned, thus emphasizing the actual sympathetic nature Tolstoy had toward women, rather than the misogynistic attitude he has been accused of by modern feminists who discount historical values and precedence.

Instead she suggests that we examine the text within its historical framework This is an important point. I acted like everybody else, i. Diary entry, 24 Sept.Feminist critical essays karenina; Essay about uses of internet communication essay writing service reviews legitimate cinema and theatre essay photos.

Reiman 1 Kathleen Reiman Dr. Keithley English Critical Essay Final Draft Through the Eyes of a Child 1. Introduction Leo Tolstoy‟s1 novel Anna Karenina has been studied by innumerable critics over the years in whatever major critical analysis was in fashion.

It has been picked apart and put. Leo Tolstoy”s novel, Anna Karenina, upon its release received a mix critical reception, with Russian critics either condemning or applauding the novel primarily on its views of Russian society. Anna Karenina, on a much more intimate level, illustrates the forces which allow individuals to confront challenges.

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Feb 14,  · Essay on Anna Karenina Essay on Anna Karenina Upon reading the novel Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy one must undoubtedly notice that there are a great many pages and thus a great many bits of detail and facets of the storyline.

Plot Structure and Technique in Anna Karenina