Argumentative essay on treatments for depression

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Argumentative essay on treatments for depression

Abstract Depression is one of the most prevalent and debilitating of the psychiatric disorders. Studies have shown that cognitive therapy is as efficacious as antidepressant medications at treating depression, and it seems to reduce the risk of relapse even after its discontinuation.

Cognitive therapy and antidepressant medication probably engage some similar neural mechanisms, as well as mechanisms that are distinctive to each. A precise specification of these mechanisms might one day be used to guide Argumentative essay on treatments for depression selection and improve outcomes.

Major depressive disorder is a serious illness that in the United States alone is estimated to affect 13 to 14 million adults each year. Not only can depression be debilitating on its own, it also has a high rate of co-morbidity with other mental illnesses.

Indeed, nearly three-quarters of people who meet the criteria for depression at some point during their lifetime will also meet the criteria for another psychiatric disorder: Substantial impairment in social and occupational functioning is also frequently observed in depressed individuals 2.

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Not surprisingly, the economic burden of depression is enormous. Workplace-related costs in the United States have been estimated at more than fifty billion dollars annually. Owing to its prevalence, its chronic and recurrent nature and its frequent co-morbity with other chronic illnesses - both as a contributing factor and as a consequence — depression is considered to be the condition that is most responsible for health decrements worldwide.

It is therefore a global health priority to understand, prevent and treat depression. As a syndrome it involves episodes of sadness, loss of interest, pessimism, negative beliefs about the self, decreased motivation, behavioural passivity, changes in sleep, appetite and sexual interest, and suicidal thoughts and impulses.

As a disorder it comes in two forms. Manic episodes are marked by euphoria or irritability, sleeplessness, grandiosity, recklessness and uncontrollable impulses that can lead to buying sprees and sexual promiscuity.

In addition, more is known about the neural mechanisms that underlie unipolar disorder and its treatment, and it is unclear how these mechanisms are related to those of bipolar disorder.

Current treatment practices The goal of acute treatment for unipolar depression with antidepressant medication ADMthe current standard of treatment, is generally to provide symptom relief. In this context, response is defined as a noticeable improvement, and remission is defined by the near absence of symptoms.

For this reason, patients who have been treated to the point of remission with ADM are advised to continue treatment for at least six months the period of greatest risk of relapse.

Patients whose remission lasts for six months are said to have recovered. However, those who recover from depression with ADM but then discontinue the treatment have a risk of experiencing a new episode of depression recurrence that is three to five times the risk of a member of the general population experiencing a first episode of depression.

Consequently, practice guidelines emphasize the benefits of maintaining recovered patients on ADMs indefinitely, especially for patients who have a history of recurrent or chronic depression.

In addition to ADM, other treatments are effective in alleviating depression. These include cognitive therapy CT and other forms of psychotherapy, such as interpersonal therapy, 8 electroconvulsive therapy 9 and electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve.

The fact that there are various means through which depression can be alleviated suggests that different treatments might engage common neural mechanisms, although they might affect a final common pathway through widely differing processes. This Perspective focuses on a comparison of CT and ADM because, among the common effective treatments, these two treatments have been the focus of the most intensive research efforts, both with regard to the outcomes that they produce and the mechanisms that might explain their effects.

We argue that comparative investigations of CT and ADM promise to further our understanding of the nature of depression, as these treatments use very different routes of administration and because CT, but not ADM, seems to alter the subsequent course of depression.

Argumentative essay on treatments for depression

More recently developed treatments include agents that block the reuptake of serotonin, noradrenaline or dopamine — their names refer to the neurotransmitter systems that they are believed to affect the most. The efficacy of ADM has been established in literally thousands of placebo-controlled clinical trials.Treatments for depression essay.

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If you are looking for topics to write about for a depression research paper, these suggestions can provide inspiration for where to start. Menu. 7 Depression Research Paper Topic Ideas. The current model can also be compared to historical methods of diagnosis and how this has improved the way depression treatments have improved over the.

Depression Treatment: The Natural Way There is a lot of controversy about appropriate treatments for depression. Today antidepressants are among the most prescribed medications in the world.

Despite their popularity, research has suggested that antidepressant medications may not be as successful as. argumentative. compare and contrast Treatment Of Depression Essay Examples. 26 total results. A Description of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression in the Elderly.

2, words. 5 pages. Depression: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment. 3, words. 7 pages. Argumentative Essay On Treatments For Depression Treatment of Depression Abstract Depression affects many people around the world. Depression can be .

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