A letter to my classmates

With the same organized rigor that you schedule your classes and extracurriculars, vie for the free time of your friends.

A letter to my classmates

Report Story Hallur Classmates, If you are reading this.

A letter to my classmates

D So yea, thanks for all them disastrous, quiet, war-like,exciting, fun, shocking, embarrassing, awkward moments and memories.

Them times were fun. I vaguely remember much. But I remember that CD Ms.

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Arto gave to us. I think we all are. She always gets in trouble, noh? You guys know what I mean. I miss you SPCP gals! We were still young. Those denials I always say. Tho, you had a crush on me too, ha!

He sang and he was looking right at me and I pretended there was something in my eye the whole time. But the class mistaken it as me crying. She made me, no us cry at the last day!! Sorry for the mention, but its the past anyway. I love you guys! Sareehh for the mention.

Maybe once or twice. But I miss our class. Grade 6, First boyfriend. It was a great one. Like they said tho, there are first times in everything. My boyfriends best friend is mah classmate.THIS IS MY STORY. Part III. THIS IS MY STORY. Part II. Show more; About Expression. This is a place to see shared stories and experiences submitted by young people.

It represents the truth of the people who submitted their stories. Explore. My Experience Starting at a New School. I have known most of you for many years. Many of you picked on me or just ignored me.

Guess what? I have a voice, and I'm not invisible. Now I am going set you all straight on my identity: There you go, Class of I hope you have learned something about the nerdy, smart, quiet, blond, glasses. Hallur Classmates, If you are reading this..

Sorry if you're gonna read an English letter! PEACE! \/ =DD Anys, this'll help you in your English class! Dear Classmates: Let me begin by introducing myself, my name is Lorna. I am originally from Mystic, Connecticut.

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My family and I are new to the area, we make our new home in Carrollton, Virginia. As I said, I am truly grateful for everyone who has made an impact in my life. I got to thank many of you at graduation the other night. However, I want to focus on my former classmates at this moment.

A Farewell to a Classmate Letter serves the purpose of communicating with your classmate with whom you have shared parts of your school as well as your personal life. While writing such a letter, the writer includes the happy and funny memories because this is an informal type of a letter.

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